NEW K2 Women's Radical 90 Inline Skates (Missing Brake)


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Note: This brand new skate had the brake taken off when we ran out of replacement brake pads at the shop and needed a brake pad for a customer. You can buy the brake pad and the screw that holds it into the skate in one package directly from K2's online store. It is $13. The plastic brake housing is still attached and perfectly fine. You just need the rubber stopper and the screw. It takes 5 minutes to order a pad online, 1 minute to screw a new pad onto the skate. We are not offering additional discounts on this skate to cover that cost. It is already discounted $90 off MSRP.

Get ready for take-off because the K2 radical 90 flies on asphalt! Radical 90 is designed for experienced skaters, but don’t be intimidated. If your balance is good or you have a couple years of experience skating this skate will thrill you. The Radical 90 comes with a Longmount Frame for stability at the speeds generated by 90mm wheels and ILQ-9 bearings. The Radical 90 is seriously lighter than most skates in its class due to K2’s top secret boot molding. Whatever that shiny silver stuff is, when you slide one on, the heat moldable super comfy lining and light weigh makes it feel like an extension of your foot.

  • Radical Cuff
  • Lower Cuff Than Enhanced Stability - Provides More Freedom of Movement
  • Aluminum 4x90 Longmount Frames
  • 90mm 85A Wheels
  • ILQ-9 Bearings
  • Break Mounted on Skate
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